I worked on this project while working for Aquilent. This was mostly an operations and maintance type of project, but there were certainly a few updates that I made to it, for example, the landings component to the system. This was my first exposure to e-commerce types of web sites. I ended up converting the web site from its current shopping cart and credit card processing pieces to Pay.gov and a custom built shopping cart.

  • NMFS E-Commerce Permit Shop sample picture

Project Details

  • Client: National Oceanic and Atmoshperic Administration - National Marine Fisheries Service
  • Date: 2006 - 2012
  • Online: https://hmspermits.noaa.gov/


ASP, Oracle 11g, XML, IVR, COM+, Visual Studio, Fireworks CS6, Subversion, StarTeam, ICVerify, Pay.gov, Site Server, Windows Server 2008, and IIS 7